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We Are Buying:

Do you have a property that we may be interested in?

We are always buying domain names and websites to include in our portfolio. Before you abandon your website or let your name expire, you should contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

We are generally interested in the following:

  • Properties that previously had a live website associated with them. We like to acquire domains with an established history and topic. We prefer names where we purchase the old website files and content as well.
  • Properties with residual or type-in traffic. We acquire domain names with residual traffic that are in a niche suitable for development.
  • Properties that are well linked on other sites or mentioned in articles.  
  • Properties that were used to sell products.


When we determine our offer price, we are generally evaluating the property on the following factors:

  • Overall quality of name (length,spelling,extension)
  • Age of domain name
  • History in
  • Alexa traffic ranking
  • Quallity of any website/files included in sale
  • Traffic numbers
  • Google page rank
  • Link popularity
  • Overall marketability and topic

If you are interested in selling, please contact us.

*Note - we are not interested in adult/pornographic sites, anything related to illegal activities, hacking, trademarked terms, new domains with mass content templates.

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What Our Clients Say
"I appreciate the extra effort and time you took to walk a "newbie" through the whole process of buying and pushing a domain name. I was clueless :)"

-- Caroline M., GA


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