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Website Development

Primarily, INFORG.ORG develops websites for our own domain portfolio. We will, as time permits, take on paid development projects.
Do you have a planned project or domain name in need of development? We offer a variety of inexpensive options for creating websites quickly.

Hosting: We do not do traditional hosting. We can host the site, but it is part of a "total site management" package. Users do not have access to FTP, upload, or other hosting functions. All changes, updates, etc. are handled by INFORG.ORG. We charge 34.95 per year for full management, and it includes one hour worth of site updates/work. Additional services and time are billed at an hourly rate of $25 per hour. This is a great small business option for small, static sites meant to establish a web presence and contain things like store hours, services provided, and contact information (see some samples below).

X-Site development - Using the development tool XSitePro2, we can quickly create a site for you. This type of site is only available with our "total site management" service above, unless you have your own version of XSP (in that case, we can save the file as a template and you can perform your own modifications). There are a variety of templates to choose from, or we can make one to order based on our existing sites.

Some Examples:

The price is $150 per site, and includes up to 6 pages of your own content, contact page and form, privacy policy, simple header/logo. If you need content created/written, we can do that for $10 per page needed (250-500 words).
Contact us for a quote and to discuss your project.

Wordpress and Joomla development - INFORG.ORG also does sites created using the Joomla or Wordpress CMS platforms.

Contact us for a quote and to discuss your project.

We are always happy to talk about your project and provide advice and feedback. We always make sure to discuss projects thoroughly so that everyone understands prices up front and has an idea of what the end project will look like.

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What Our Clients Say
"I appreciate the extra effort and time you took to walk a "newbie" through the whole process of buying and pushing a domain name. I was clueless :)"

-- Caroline M., GA


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